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By David Moncur

Photo on right of David Moncur is copyright Truthseekers 1996

Shimmers, for want of a better term describe an unusual change whereby a person can be seen to transform into an alien or other creature. The term is becoming more used these days by UFO and Paranormal researchers as the old term, known as a Transfiguration, is probably a bit harder to remember! David Moncur, an Edinburgh researcher explains.

Also with there being more than one instance of a particular phenomenon researchers will often look for a more popular and consistent term of reference. Mr Robert France may be able to be credited for this as I firstly noticed him use the term "Shimmer" a case which he was involved and wrote up. The case took place on the 11th of April 1991, at approximately 11 o' clock in the evening shortly before retiring to bed. 65-year-old Sheila Yeoman had just kissed her partner Robert, but after the good-night kiss suddenly the familiar image of her beloved Robert "shimmered" between an alien and a human being. Obviously the event was a cause of great confusion for the two.


I went to see Shiela Yeoman to ask her just what she had seen and she described a strange rhynchophorous form of head, that had a beak. A huge beak. Also huge wraparound eyes, "like Dame Edna Everidge glasses." Sheila metaphored, "It was the eyes that made the most impression on me, they were huge". She also explained that as the event happened that matter seemed to be exuding from the inside of Robert's left eye, this appearing to cleave the entirety of his head.

Being confused for an alien is something I have had to deal with also. I had made a trip to the United States but was refused entry on a technicality of my ticket status. Having been refused entry, my photo was taken and sealed in an envelope with the words "alien" on it. When I got to meet Sheila she didn't get me confused for an alien thankfully. I would however have expected her to confuse me for a Vietnamese boat-person though!

Photo above: Editor of Truthseekers "shimmers" in
Photoshop self-indulgent frenzy
I have heard other reports from the Nevada in the U.S., of people working beside colleagues they had worked with for many years, when suddenly this person's image oscillated, "shimmered", between a human and a reptilian type alien.

The disturbing thing for some people who experience the Shimmer effect is that sometimes they do know that they have appeared briefly as an alien and do not claim or admit to being aliens. The effect seems external and not something the person can identify with. In other cases however there have been reported Shimmers by people who do indeed claim to be aliens as we shall hear later. For some people the resultant effect of seeing such a transformation can be the undeniable proof they require of the subject of UFO's.


Still most of us would quite reasonably find these things hard to believe. Even more hard to believe is the fact that some people believe that these disguised aliens are amongst us in greater numbers than we ever thought - infiltrating our positions of power. This is not a new theory, in fact in the 1970's colourful characters such as "Valiant Thor" an alien who worked inside the Pentagon were reported in the books like "Stranger at the Pentagon" by Dr Frank Stranges.

One instance of this perhaps happening in the U.K. of which I have heard, came from a friend of mine here in Edinburgh. Although I cannot give his name for personal security reasons I am convinced by what he has seen and shown me that he was a former, very highly placed, British Secret Service agent. One of his duties involved a detachment under Margaret Thatcher. She amongst many other things used to shout at him to get various telex messages done. He was also present with Mrs Thatcher and remembers seeing her going "bonkers" just after being informed of the sinking of the Belgrano.

I asked this friend, what would you say was the heaviest state secret he had to keep? Strangely he replied that "The heaviest state secret I had to know was that the Duke of Edinburgh is not a human being. He's an extra-terrestrial agent of the Markab confederacy of planets. Margaret Thatcher also knew that two members of the House of Commons were also not human beings." Quite a strange story, but coming from somebody so highly placed?

American Ufologist and former S.H.A.P.E. (Supreme Headquarters of Allied Powers in Europe) officer Robert Dean was partial to the secrets of aliens through his contact with a Top Secret assessment document of the whole UFO situation called "The Assessment". Dean also tells of the incredible government paranoia regarding non humans being present in sensitive positions and being undetectable.

So there seems to be a serious question of infiltration of human society at high and low levels, by so far three types of alien from the reports, but perhaps there are more?


Another case of a Shimmer I will deal with is one to which I am the only investigator involved at present. It came to my attention via a friend of a friend living in the Humberside area, but I cannot give any names or specifics due to a request for privacy. The Humberside Shimmer was this time a woman in front of another woman, the woman who shimmered being pregnant - an interesting variation on the shimmer theme the reader will no doubt think. Four women had decided to entertain themselves by organising a seance, all congregated in a large suburban house, and at one point a woman who is a college lecturer saw her pregnant friend whom she knew so well shimmer momentarily to a foetus like being. One might think this is rather psychological sounding. Suffice to say the lecturer looked completely shattered and has been obviously disturbed ever since this mysterious point in time.

Now the length of time I spent in America was only two hours. During about an hour of this time a Negro guard was assigned to my house arrest custody as I awaited the return flight in Washington's Dulles Airport. We had the following conversation: "So you're into UFOs are you?" the guard asked. "Yes." Obviously, I was on my way to a UFO Conference in Tampa, Florida.

"Well y'know, I knew this top military general with a very high security clearance, y'know about the levels of security clearance?" "The thirty-eight levels above top secret?"

"Yeah, well, I knew this military general he had a very high level of clearance not exactly thirty-eight but he told me he had been shown small alien beings they keep in cryogenic storage. They were like foetuses. Like foetuses. Exactly like foetuses." "Uh, where are they kept?"

"March. March Air Force Base. That's in California." "S'pose I thought Wright Patterson was the base....."

"Wright Patterson is where they keep the hardware from UFO crashes March is where they take bodies." "So particular bases have specific functions for specifically UFO capture, all nice and ready for when it happens next."

"Yep. An' y'know what? We were never on the moon. It was all faked. They were right down here in an underground base."

That was so stunning I sat in a mortified silence for about half an hour... Conspiring to hide all of this from the world! So when Nick my Humberside contact told me of his woman friend and her shimmer experience this made me think of the Negro guard in Washington and his description of aliens...

Other alien infiltrators you might wish to know about, from further information given to me by the MI5-employed person mentioned earlier are, Nicholae Caeucescu - that cruel Romanian bastard, "and someone you won't know called Leo Szilard, he works for American defence." [Hang on Szilard could be an anagram for lizards! Is this a joke, a planned happening or just chance? Leo Lizards, hmmm? - ED]

If any readers of this are to attend the lectures by Bob Dean which are to occur in the new year, the sentences uttered by him which may resonate most hauntingly are when he states : -

"There are all types of alien, the greys the reptoids but the ones which bothered the military the most were the ones that looked like us don't ask me why I just knew the ones that bothered them most were the ones that looked like us."

Perhaps this article is bringing us closer to knowing why. Because there's one obvious point about shimmers Clive Potter myself and possibly Jenny Randles and Peter Warrington might have thought of: Did a human called Robert France previously exist? Was he murdered somehow, then an alien exploit in technological ability used to generate an illusion that that familiar human image is still there to kiss you goodnight? The Nevada reports give that impression. What is worrying Bob Dean's military friends is whether those people whom they think they are still seeing are no longer actually there. When might they have died how might they have died? It seems clear to me there is a question of alien undercover work at very high levels of society.

Photo right: Brenda Butler and Husband Chris. Brenda was witness to a human/ reptilian "Shimmer".

Some of you might be aware of the Bentwaters incident where a UFO was said to have crash landed in a forest on the South East coast of England in 1980 near an American air-base. One of the prime investigators of the case Brenda Butler, who also has written a book on the Bentwaters incident has her own tale to tell of a Shimmer. This involved a person/alien known to us as David Daniels, whom Brenda has told me was a very tall unusual looking person who had very presumptuously ensconced himself in Brenda and her husband's house. They didn't like David much but endured his stay for as long as they could.


When Brenda or husband Chris were reading "David" would start telling them what was on the page and then everything else in the book.... If they thought he was in a particular room he would very frequently turn up in another room without being seen to use doors.... Then finally Brenda was taken aside by him into a room upstairs on her own where he wished to prove to Brenda he was an alien being. He sat there, and the familiar human form dissipated revealing an alien reptile like being, a network of blue nerves shone through very white skin as if rising up to show themselves throughout his body. David was only known to eat greens or sugar. But Brenda seems to feel the same as I do.... The one fright Brenda had given the US military was that she knew that Nuclear Missiles were actually at USAF Bentwaters. And why should some alien person wish to convince her of his true nature unless he was on some sort of mission which had to do with this fact. After all UFOs quite often take an interest in our defence establishments - or is it the other way around.

More cases of Shimmers are bound to be reported in the future, perhaps the time is upon us to start seeking out transfiguration cases and linking them to the UFO phenomenon in addition to the spiritual interpretation.

[David Moncur is based in Edinburgh and investigates deep alien and government conspiracies. Contact him through the magazine address if you dare - after all he could be one of those... - ED]

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